Findings about dna testing

Jumat, Agustus 12, 2011 1 komentar

Focus of the most active criminal investigation of the crime scene for evidence linking the suspect, and for more than a century, science has played an increasingly important role of about dna testing. Fingerprinting applied to the criminal investigation began in the 1880s. Shortly after the principles of blood typing abo reported in 1900, its relevance to the forensic investigation became apparent. in human leukocyte antigen typing of 1960 became a major serological tool for personal identification, though in practice, it is useful for only a small sample.

Finally, in the 1980s brought about the about dna testing, which allows researchers to perform the identification of accomplishments is almost unbelieveable. With current techniques, it is possible for one person to be distinguished from all the people who never lived to use dna from a single hair root.

Principles and techniques used for forensic dna typing is also very useful for other purposes. dna profiles are widely used in solving the problem of parents in humans and animals, and quickly replaced the serological analysis) for that purpose. Besides, the about dna testing is an indispensable tool for positional cloning, a technique in which a previously unknown genes identified by finding associations or relationships between markers dna and inheritance of the disease.
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