Warning signs of cervical cancer

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We often hear these days about 'cervical cancer'. This cancer is becoming something scary for women. According to the data, in Indonesia it is estimated every hour there is one person who died from cervical cancer this. So, what’s cervical cancer? Cervical cancer is cancer that occurs in the cervical region. That is the area in which the female reproductive organ is the entrance to the uterus. It lies between the womb with female copulation canal (vagina). Cervical cancer or more commonly known by the term cervical cancer is cancer that is caused by the virus Human Papilloma Virus or HPV abbreviated. This virus is oncogenic (cancer causing). HPV is transmitted through sexual contact and through the use of the same personal items, such as the use of shared towels, clothes together. Human Papilloma virus is highly resistant to heat and drying process. To prevent cervical cancer, we need to know the warning signs of cervical cancer.

In the early stages, this disease does not cause symptoms that are easily observed. That's why, you are already sexually active highly recommended to do Pap smear test every two years. Physical symptoms of this disease are generally only felt by patients with advanced cancer.

Here are the warning signs of cervical cancer:

  1. Incidence of vaginal discharge mixed with blood and smelled of
  2. Pelvic pain and impaired or can not even urinate
  3. Excessive vaginal discharge and abnormal.
  4. Bleeding outside the menstrual cycle.
  5. Drastic weight loss.
  6. If the cancer has spread to the pelvis, then the patient will suffer from back pain complaints
  7. Also obstacles in urination, and kidney enlargement.
  8. The emergence of pain and bleeding during intercourse (contact bleeding).
It was now found vaccination to prevent cervical cancer, even this vaccination can be given to young women from the age of 10 years. Surely this is exciting news for all women. Hopefully the above information we can find out more about cervical cancer and the warning signs of cervical cancer.

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